Just in Time 《穿越愛情史》 (2019)

Andy is an author who works from home. One day, a girl mysteriously appears in his toilet, she
claims to be from the future and she needs his help. Her name is Pomegranate.

Color | 29 Mins
Genre: Science-Fiction Romance-Comedy
Starring: GU Feng, Rimong IHWAR, WANG Chuan, KAO Cheng-Peng

Festivals & Awards:

2020 5th Ningbo Short Film Festival, Best Screenplay Award
2020 Golden Swallow Micro-film Awards, “Bronze Swallow” Award
2020 Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival
2020 Savona International Film Festival
2020 86358 Short Film Week (China)
2020 Cross-Straits Youth Network Audiovisual Works Competition
2019 22nd Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival
2019 11th Kuandu Film Festival
2019 New Taipei City Student Film Awards

How He Met My Mother 《他怎麼遇見我媽》(2020)

Crystal has just broken up with her boyfriend, whom her mother vehemently objects to her dating. Her ex-boyfriend decides that it is time to clear things with Crystal’s mother before they split ways for real…

Color | 15 Mins
Genre: Mockumentary, Comedy, Family
Starring: CHUA Swee Huang, Crystal HUANG

Festivals & Awards:

2020 Linz International Film Festival
2020 Seashorts Film Festival

The Bridge Incident 《百齡橋檔案》(2020)

After leaving her abusive boyfriend, Xue Qi decides to pick up martial arts to learn self defense. Unbeknownst to her, a recent medical experiment she partook in has helped unlock some abilities in her…

Color | 7.30 Mins
Genre: Science-fiction, Found-footage
Starring: Rimong Ihwar, LIN Yao, YANG Zong Hua.

Festivals & Awards:

2020 Kuandu Film Festival

See You Again 《歡迎下次光臨》(2020)

Three girls decide to band together to help revitalize their favourite restaurant that has been losing business because of a pandemic.


Color | 40 Mins
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Co-directed with: LIN Ping Yu

Festivals & Awards:

2020 Cross-Straits Youth Network Audiovisual Works Competition

Two Omelets to Go 《雙分蛋餅》(2018)

Xiao Chiu issues an ultimatum to her husband when he refuses to leave a late night gathering with his friends


Color | 14 Mins
Genre: Romance, Drama
Starring: Joyce HUNG, LIN Dao Yu, Dexter LIU

Festivals & Awards:

2020 Shorties Film Festival
12th International Inter University Short Film Festival (Competition)
Best Short Film – 2019 Cross-Straits Youth Network Audiovisual Works Competition
YVE International Youth Film Festival
Rivne International Film Festival

Rooftop Incident (2017)

Zhiwei is your everyday popular high school student who loves to record his daily adventures and share it online. However, when he decides to prank the school’s most unpopular kid, he quickly realises that he had picked the wrong guy to mess with, endangering his friends and his own life in the process.

Color | 9 Mins
Genre: Science-Fiction, Coming of Age
Starring: Max LIN, CHENG Zi-Yi, Xin-Yi ZHU, WANG Yun-Hsin

Festivals & Awards:

2020 Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival
2020 Toyama International Film Festival (Finalist)
2019 BFI Future Film Festival
Official Selection, Last Frame Smartphone Film Festival 2019
Best Shot-on-Mobile Short Film, 5th LEXUS New Film Festival 2019
Gold Medal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short, Asia South-east Short Film Festival SUMMER 2018
Nominated Best Screenplay, National Youth Film Awards (Singapore) 2018